I started my second lace project in May. Branching Out [made by Susan Lawrence and published in the Spring 2005 edition of Knitty, seemed like a good project to continue my education in lace.  My cousin, an avid knitter and spinner, suggested it on the basis that it would be easy to follow and improve my chart-reading skills.  After starting and restarting the scarf several times, I have yet to establish a rhythm with it. While the project only calls for 27 repetitions of ten rows, I find myself at a crossroads with it.  The issue, I have come to discover is not how to knit it, but where to knit it.

Before my foray into lace, I was a mindless knitter: I like to follow simple patterns and work on pieces that I don’t have to put much thought into.  I knit a lot at my job as a desk attendant in my dorm [I’m a cross between a receptionist, customer service representative and a security guard] and often need to put down the project I’m working on to attend to a guest in the dorm.  With most projects,  I can put them down and pick them up without having to worry as much about losing count of rows or stitches.  If I have to put down the lace scarf, I can’t pick up as easily where I left off.

When I knit I tend to be multitasking–watching a show on TV or completing a reading assignment for class.  I’ve never worked on a project that has demanded my full attention before. With this scarf, I need to be completely focused on the number of yo’s [yarn overs] and sl2-k2tog-psso’s [slip two k stitches, k 2 together, pass over slipped stitches]. While I love the challenge and the artistry that goes into a lace project, I’m not sure if I like the time it demands.

However, the pattern in question is beautiful.  My cousin was definitely right that I’d enjoy it.  I wanted to have it finished by the time I started school in August, but unfortunately I only have five of the 27 repeats done.  My new goal is to have it done by Thanksgiving.

Here is a link to the pattern from knitty.com: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTbranchingout.html

Branching Out

A detailed look at what the scarf will look like.