Every knitter has a favorite pattern, a go to pattern that they know will always turn out just right.  A pattern that they know so well, they could recite it line by line.  There’s comfort in knowing what you’re going to get when you get to the end of a pattern.

My favorite pattern is the Basic Beret [http://knittips.wordpress.com/category/beret/]. I made it for the first time last winter and instantly fell in love.  It was a simple, mindless project I could do at work and it also looked really good.

This is a picture of the first beret I knitted.

Since then, I’ve made the basic beret quite a few times.  I’m working on one right now to use up yarn and to have something mindless to work on while I’m at work.  Unlike the lace scarf, the beret doesn’t frustrate me.  There are no risk involved.

Here is a picture of the Basic Beret that I am currently working on.

The beret in its beginning stages.

I need to branch out more with my projects.  There’s no problem having a go to pattern, until it becomes routine.  What if this beret is where I stop?  That I love it so much I will never try to knit another beret [like that awesome cabled one I have on my queue on Ravelry]? There is no problem in having “comfort” patterns, as long as you don’t get stuck knitting them.