If you go to YouTube and type in “Cast on knitting” in the search bar, close to 1,000 results come up.  If you type in the same phrase on Ravelry, the kitting blog, nearly 350 results come up.  Casting on was by far the most difficult technique I learned. [Perhaps because it was the first technique I needed to learn for knitting.]  Regardless, I have since come to learn that there are many variations of the cast on technique.

Here are a few different ways to cast on:

I could never get used to casting on this way, I rather cast on with one needle. However, this is still a good technique to learn.

This is my favorite way to cast on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Iv03nRS8xU

This way took me a longtime to figure out.  I could never get the yarn to lay across my fingers the way it was supposed to.  Once I mastered it though, I never used another way to cast on again!